2017 BGE Contemporary Stavanger “Today is a good day”


2014 Galleri 69 "Victims"

A secret punishment is a punishment half-wasted.

Victimhood would seem to be the most effective model for authority… It is not that the victim always gets to speak – far from it –but that the most highly valued speaker gets to claim victimhood.

This is the final part of a series of three exhibitions in Oslo 2014. In brief, this series explores the following: the spectacle of capital punishment, the spiritual within that narrative, and now, at Galleri 69, the residue, which folds into the initial event of murder.

The point of departure for this work is the expanded notion of monument and, specifically, a group of privileged individuals who, unlike the rest of us, know in advance their exact time, date and year of death - and have the final word.


2014 Galleri Brandstrup "Here today..."


The Circular Photographs

The camera has continually been a component tool in my working process.
Photography does not interest me as such. I like what cameras can do.

These circular works are pure, un-manipulated images. Just straight photographs.

They are generated by the limitations of the digital image making.
In extreme situations, digital cameras go into panic mode, try to put their hands over their eye and get out of their dilemma by just guessing.

In the centre of each piece is an almost undetectable, whispered statement.
This fusion of text and image comes from a piece made in 1973 in which “success “ and “failure” stand in the centre of two identical silk screened images of smashed glass.

The Private Performances

Implicit in the work is the idea that this is an intimate situation.
There is only the image of a person and the imagined idea of an animal, a bird or an object.

There is no photographer.
The person controls the long shutter exposure of the camera.

After the light switch is turned off, there is nothing left, only darkness…apart from the image of the event engrained in the analogue film.
In this piece: a ghost of a parrot in a ghost of an event.

The Wax Monument

Each element contains the traces of works from the last twenty years, made in three tons wax.

In the ritual of hanging, as the preferred method of capital punishment, there were specific tables of body weight to rope length ratios, which should be followed, in order to avoid unfortunate accidents. If not adhered to, beheading could occur or the guilty prisoner could be left hanging around for an unacceptable length of time.

The Souls

The three pieces in transparent epoxy, placed on their high mahogany plinths, relate to Duncan MacDougall’s demonstration of the existence of “a special soul substance”.
They are cast from the secret space which emerges when three specific weights of wax are melted and then cooled.

“The results of Dr. Duncan MacDougall’s search for the material basis of the soul – the 21 grams of weight loss, measured at the point of death of humans (but not dogs) in his experiments from 1901 to 1907 in America – confirmed his belief that a “special soul substance” did exist. The notion of the soul’s materiality had been proposed by Rudolph Wagner in 1854, and according to MacDougall, this ether-like substance would escape the earth’s gravitational pull and drift up and off, presumably towards heaven, in keeping with his religious beliefs”.

No Exit

The 3 x 3 meter copper piece contains the Christian names of all the participants in the electric chair method of capital punishment in the USA.

Its sister piece is a monument to all the women involved in the same process.


2014 NoPlace "Hanging about.."

<< 2014 NO PLACE OSLO HANGING ABOUT… A secret punishment is a punishment half-wasted This is the first of a series of three exhibitions in Oslo in 2014. Their starting point is the notion of monument and specifically a group of privileged individuals who, unlike the rest of us, know in advance their exact time, date and year of death. >>


2014 NBF. “Purgatorio 2014”

2011 One Night Only. UKS Oslo. “EXIT” book launch

<< This exhibition consists of a new series of works and the launch of a new book. EXIT the book, primarily deals with the subject of capital punishment and focuses specifically on the Death Row process in Texas. Relevant issues such as the soul of the individual, seen from religious perspectives, to those of Maurice Blanchot’s fabled death experience are paralleled to death as spectacle - the role of the states/societies demand for justice and the visibility of justice having been seen to be done. Reference is made towards the concept of “life in prison” as an alternative to the death penalty within a Nordic Social Democratic perspective. The texts are supported with sections of photo images from a series of four recent exhibitions, which have the running theme of the final sentence of prisoners on Death Row, immediately prior to execution by lethal injection. >>


2010 "One Night Only"


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1885 Oslo Kunstforening "Looking for Englishmen"




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